The California Department of Education (CDE, 2010) has defined English Language Development (ELD) as instruction that is “designed to help English Learners ( ELs) learn and acquire English to a level of proficiency that maximizes their capacity to engage successfully in academic studies taught in English,” (p. 23). We provide thirty minutes of ELD instruction daily at the students’ CELDT level.

Beyond ELD

Our English Language Learners (ELLs) get support in many ways at Wescove. Beyond the 30 minutes of direct E.L.D. instruction daily, our ELLs are also using our Rosetta Stone program on the computer to continue to develop their English Language skills. They are also assisted by Aides who visit the classes and provide support while students are working in other areas, such as Reading and Math. For our second grade students, who are about to retest for the ELPAC, we also provide an after-school intervention program during the month of September, to help them prepare. If they have made good progress and are performing well, they can be redesignated as Fluent English Proficient.