Mental Health Services

Comprehensive Counseling Program (CCP)


It is the mission of the WCUSD’s Comprehensive Counseling Program to provide mental health services aimed at realizing your child’s full potential.  The CCP is dedicated to promoting a student’s social emotional well-being in order to function in society and meet the demands of everyday life.


The West Covina Unified School District’s Comprehensive Counseling Program helps students realize their full potential.  The CCP is designed to provide school-based social-emotional support for students in General Education.

The CCP provides therapeutic support in areas such as mood/affect, behavior challenges and social skills that are negatively impacting educational performance.  Services promote resiliency and student wellness. Students may attain increased self-esteem, mood regulation, and enhanced relationships with peers, teachers and staff.  Therapy sessions take place at the school and sessions are individual or group.

The CCP service providers are graduate level or post-graduate level interns under the direction of district licensed clinical supervisors.  The CCP interns are affiliated with therapeutic disciplines including Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy and Professional Clinical Counseling.

The CCP aims at helping students, providing therapeutic services and offering parent supports.  The Comprehensive Counseling Program assists in the academic success of WCUSD students by providing emotional and psychological well-being.

Referrals for CCP can be submitted by site-designated school staff (e.g. teachers, school counselors, assistant principals and school principals).

Educationally Related Mental Health Services (ERMHS)

Educationally Related Mental Health Services (ERMHS) are mental health services that are provided to students receiving special education services.  These services are provided when students have significant socio-emotional or socio-behavioral needs that impede their ability to benefit from special education services. This may be shown as lack of progress on goals/objectives, declining grades, absences, suspensions, etc. Referral is appropriate when these concerns are determined to be associated with a condition that cannot be described  solely as a temporary adjustment problem that can be resolved with less than three months of school counseling.

ERMHS may be provided in the form of school based individual counseling, group counseling  and parent counseling. ERMHS, once referred and approved, will be documented in the IEP.

ERMHS counseling may be provided by a WCUSD Clinical School Psychologist or a WCUSD Mental Health Therapist who is a registered with the Board of Behavioral Sciences and under the supervision of a licensed mental health therapist.